Contract Procedures

The University’s bylaws require that all contracts, deeds and other legal instruments made in the ordinary course of the business of the University be executed by the President of the University or one of his designees as determined by the Operational Delegation Of Authority . No University, college, school, department, center, institute, University recognized student organization, or other internal entity has authority to contract on the University’s behalf in its own name. Only those specifically identified in the Operational Delegation of Authority, or in a current sub‐delegation form, may sign contracts on behalf of the University or any of its colleges or departments, and then only if the contract has a cover sheet from the Office of General Counsel.

When entering into contractual relationships, or creating changes to current contracts, University departments must:

1. Consult with the Office of General Counsel during negotiation so that applicable legal considerations may be taken into account and a determination of the role of the Office of General Counsel can be made.

2. Consult with the Office of General Counsel on the appropriate form of agreement.

The Office of General Counsel will perform a legal review of the contract and route the contract to the appropriate University official for his or her review and signature based on the Operational Delegation Of Authority

If you have questions regarding this procedure please contact us at 574 631 6411 or

Sub-delegation of authority can be authorized via the Delegation of Authority 2023-24.

Contract Review

Contracts should be submitted to the buyND Contract Management System. You may login to the system here. Preferred file format is MS Word. If the matter is up for renewal, please also include a copy of the original agreement with your submission.