University Contract Repository (UCR)

The University Contract Repository (UCR) is a data and document management application maintained by the Office of General Counsel. The UCR acts as a centralized database storing executed contracts deemed to have a certain level of institutional significance. Beyond its standard storage and retrieval functions, the system offers the ability to provide metrics, track certain contract milestones and send notifications.

University departments and authorized personnel wishing to have access to the UCR to view their contracts and agreements should send their requests and inquiries to


UCR Resources

UCR Submission Form - This form is to be used when returning fully executed contracts that General Counsel has requested be retained in the UCR. 

User_Request_Form - Add and/or Remove UCR Users. Please Note: There may be fees associated with adding new users

Sample_Notifications - System Generated Emails Based on File Status and/or Type

Internet Explorer Settings for the UCR



  (Authorized Users Only)