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H-1B Overview for Hiring Departments

H-1B status is typically used at Notre Dame for faculty and academic positions such as:

  • Teaching & Research Faculty
  • Research Faculty, Library Faculty, Special Professional Faculty
  • Postdoctoral Research Associates (only if required by extenuating circumstances)
  • Staff positions (must use outside counsel)
  • Visiting Faculty (only if required by extenuating circumstances)

H-1B status can be held for a total of six years. Petitions are filed for the length of the contract period. Faculty petitions will normally be submitted for an initial period of three years and can be extended up to a total of six years.

The Process

The hiring department at Notre Dame must initiate the H-1B application process on behalf of the beneficiary they wish to invite, and then provide (in coordination with the beneficiary) the required documentation to the Office of General Counsel. After receiving a complete application packet, General Counsel must follow the three steps below in order to obtain approval of H-1B status:


All H-1B requests must be processed through the Office of General Counsel. Outside attorneys are not authorized to petition for H-1B status for any Notre Dame employee without written consent from the Office of General Counsel.

The H-1B process is complex and the processing times can be extensive. Estimated processing times fluctuate throughout the year based on the U.S Department of Labor and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services processing times and backlogs. 


The hiring department is responsible for payment of required filing fees for H-1B petitions.