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Marianne Corr                                          
Vice President and General Counsel
Timothy J. Flanagan                                      
Associate General Counsel
Kathleen K. Brickley                                       
Associate General Counsel
Matthew Lahey                                       
Associate General Counsel
Brandon E. Roach                                             
Associate General Counsel
Deborah J. Gabaree                                             
Assistant General Counsel
Brian Guarraci
Assistant General Counsel
Michael Hannigan
Legal Associate


Craig J. Sharpe
Business Analyst - Legal Professional
Kimberly Kennedy                                             
Litigation and Records Legal Professional
Brandon Gearhart
Employment and Policy Legal Professional

Officer and Administrative Assistants

Lisa Butt

Officer Assistant to Marianne Corr, Vice President and General Counsel
Brandy Rice

Senior Administrative Assistant
R Alexis Ebel

Administrative Assistant